Professional and Friendly Service

In any industrial environment, Erbsville Electrical understands how critical it is to have properly set up and perfectly functioning machinery. Your factory or plant is dependent on maximized and consistent output, and machinery problems are a major hindrance on your operation.

Industrial Machinery Installations

Erbsville Electrical works with specialized industrial machinery installers to ensure that your equipment is operative and safe. Electrical hookups for high-grade machines can be complex, which is why it’s critical that you choose an electrician with the necessary expertise and experience. After 30 years in the industry, we’ve established the skills we need to work on a wide range of machines to meet the demands of our industrial clients.

Servicing & Repairs

Perhaps you need an industrial electrician to evaluate the electrical system on an old machine, or maybe you’ve encountered what appears to be an electrical issue on a newer piece of equipment. Whatever the circumstance, Erbsville Electrical assesses the situation and identifies the best solution be it a simple repair or a complete electrical upgrade.

The Highest Electrical Standard

As a member of the Electrical Safety Authority’s Authorized Contractor Program, Erbsville Electrical has a reputation to uphold. Using best practices in the industry and always placing safety in the utmost priority, you can be sure that the work we do in your facility is not only compliant with all necessary regulations, but also of the highest electrical standard.

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Are you in need of industrial electrical services in Southern Ontario?

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