Electrical Generators


Erbsville Electrical Contractors was established over 30 years ago and has specialized in the sale of Emergency Standby Generators from hospitals to commercial and industrial markets. We also specialize in home backup generators which provides security of power during short or extended outages. With the options to run on natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel fuel, the unit offers availability to all homes while being situated outside like any central air conditioning unit. A home backup generator can provide power to an entire home or personally selected circuits to keep priority systems running. With the ability to provide power to an entire home or specific selected circuits, a home backup generator will keep priority systems running. Erbsville prides itself in providing quality generators along with professional installation, allowing you to keep functioning when the grid cannot.

Emergency Maintenance

Our clients depend on us to be available for their emergencies. We’re available 24/7 to keep your home or business functioning. Our reputation comes directly from our customers satisfaction.

Annual Maintenance Program

Without properly performed maintenance your generator system will lose value and dependability. Whether it is run frequently or only on a minimal basis, properly performed maintenance is essential. Regular, professional, full coverage preventive maintenance can help protect your business from costly repairs and make sure your generator system’s integrity is ready for the next power outage.

At Erbsville Electrical Contractors we are a factory certified provider of generator maintenance and repairs for many brands of generator systems, including Kohler, GE, Briggs and Stratton, and Winco. We have over 30 years of experience in this specialized business. Are plans are uniquely set up to meets the specific needs of our clients. We are confident we can create a plan to suit your needs. Call us today for your generator maintenance plan quote!

Annual Generator Maintenance Plan Checkpoints:

  • Changing of engine oil
  • Replacement of engine oil filter
  • Replacement of air filter/pre-air filter
  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Testing of system for faults, errors codes.
  • Update of controller firmware/software if necessary
  • Battery testing, loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Test of the battery charging system
  • Filling/testing of coolant (liquid-cooled units), clearing radiator area of debris or obstructions
  • Inspection and cleaning of air intake and ventilation system (air-cooled units)
  • Check/correct level of unit (air cooled units), inspect base condition.
  • Check engine RPM, make corrections
  • Adjust valves if necessary.
  • Inspect throttle linkage, adjust as necessary
  • Adjust fuel/air mix as necessary
  • Inspect unit for oil leaks
  • Check governor operation.
  • Check and adjust voltage output of alternator
  • Check and adjust frequency/power quality
  • Clean unit interior
  • Tighten/clean electrical connections.
  • Check for fuel leaks
  • Field test unit
  • Perform transfer test (if customer is home and requests this)
  • Reset exercise timer if requested or necessary.
  • Report information

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